A Natureza Desnaturada

E hoje achei o Manifesto of Urban Cannibalism, escrito por Wietske Maas e Matteo Pasquinelli, e mal comecei a ler, já me veio a ideia desta nota, pois que resumem tudo nas primeiras linhas…
“We should never abandon the city in favour of a virgin territory. There is no innocent state of nature to defend: cities are flourishing ecosystems in themselves, a true ‘human participation in nature’. In fact, nature builds no idea of nature. The image of nature has always been an artifact of human civilisation, a mark of its stage of evolution. Yet we remain unaware that this image is still the projection of our animal instincts and fears on the surrounding environment.”

Uma notícia recente também me chamou a atenção, sobre a tentativa de criar espermatozóide humano com células-tronco, onde a palavra mágica que justifica tudo é a infertilidade.

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